David Kuckhermann Advanced Frame Drums 1

David Kuckhermann - Advanced Frame Drums 1

Mar 30, 2020

David Kuckhermann Advanced Frame Drums 1 download. This DVD starts where "Worldpercussion 1 - Frame Drums" ends featuring advanced lapstyle frame drumming techniques such as finger rolls. Advanced Split Hand Applications in the style of Glen Velez. Playing Multiple Frame Drums. An introduction to the Freehand style. Ideas for non-traditional rhythms on one and multiple drums. Independence exercises. Various live - performances featuring Oud Virtuoso Ahmad Al-Khatib. A playalong Practice Track.

In this DVD for players with previous experience advanced playing techniques. Many of the playing techniques are based on the repertoire of Glen Velez . Among other things, the split-hand technique, different fingers Rolls, the game on multiple frame drums, the Freehand style, independence and non-traditional rhythms is treated.

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David Kuckhermann - Advanced Frame Drums 2

Renowned percussionist virtuoso plays not only on the frame drums, in his arsenal is quite a large selection of tools: bodhran, riq, tonbak, cajon, Morsing etc... Tambourine can be attributed to the classification of a frame drum, but not all frame drums are tambourines! This is a continuation of the school of David, designed for percussionists with experience!

Language: English
Year: 2008
Country: Germany
Running time: 2 h
Quality: DVDRip
Video: XviD 640x360 1306kbps 25fps 24bits
Audio: MP3 128kbps 2 ch 48KHz 16 bits
Booklet: No
Size: 1.3 Gb

David Kuckhermann: Advanced Frame Drums 1

David Kuckhermann: Advanced Frame Drums 1

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