Billy Cobham By Design PDF

Billy Cobham - By Design

Feb 22, 2021

Billy Cobham By Design PDF. This collection of charts is a selection of 5 titles from Billy's CD release “By Design.” In addition to each track from the CD and the play along recording without drums, the compositions appear as both a chart version for creating your own ideas, plus a transcription of what Billy played on the CD.
Each of these five compositions are geared to assisting a drummer reach goals such as synchronizing with the band, identifying the subtle changes in musical intensity, establishing strong, secure rhythm, and playing with controlled force. These pieces incorporate fusion, an African pattern, rhythmic displacement, and samba, funk, and rock elements.

Songs include:

  • Kinky Dee
  • Slidin' By
  • Serengetti Plains
  • Permanent Jet Lag
  • Street Urchin

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 41 pages

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