Anton Fig - In The Groove

Anton Fig - In The Groove

Sep 5, 2022

Anton Fig, drummer on the "Late Show with David Letterman," shares his own tips and ideas on making music and for surviving in the professional world. He talks about time, communicating through music, nuances of different styles, constructing a beat for a song and what it takes to play on the Late Show. He played with such famous people as: Miles Davis, Steve Winwood, Paul Simon, Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan.
Very good instructional dvd for anyone who wants to see a great drummer play and explain how to play to many different styles of contemporary music. With the addition of other musicians to play along with, Anton demonstrates how to play the drums with the correct feeling as well as the correct beat for the music being performed. A step above the usual "I will show you how to play this beat" dvds. For beginners to the advanced drummers, there is something for everyone to learn from this dvd. Highly recommended.
First off, Anton Fig is a great drummer and has the career to prove it. He has drummed with the best of them and continues to inspire. The DVD includes three songs throughout - One song (Law and Order) from the 1992 Ostrich Man album and two other songs which remain unreleased (Cool Cool Day & 1-2-3). All three songs are great straight forward hard rock songs, no ballads here!
The performances were filmed professionally with multiple cameras and are of excellent sound quality. Blondie Chaplin contributes his usual outstanding vocal talent and some crankin' guitar solos. Ketih lays a thick bass line and smooth backing vocals and Anton Fig pounds away with his usual great 'feel' and shines on the extended drum solos.

Language: English
Year: 1994
Country: USA
Running time: 74 min
Quality: VHSrip
Video: DivX 336x256 24bpp 25 fps 1033 kbps
Audio: 48 Khz 2 ch 160 kbit
Booklet: No
Size: 655 Mb

Anton Fig - In The Groove
Anton Fig - In The Groove
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