William L. Fowler Guitar Patterns for Improvisation PDF

William L. Fowler - Guitar Patterns for Improvisation

Dec 2, 2020

William L. Fowler Guitar Patterns for Improvisation PDF. This book provides materials for improvisation. It is divided into ten sections, covering the tetrachord system of scale development and memorization, visual melodic patterns, use the scales against all types of chords, fingering for all types of chords, transferal of patterns from any set of strings to any other set of strings, and chromatic harmonic progressions. Study of this book develops a thorough knowledge of the guitar fingerboard, together with proficiency in the use of modern chord progressions and almost unlimited melodic materials.
If the guitarist wants to create his own style of improvisation, this book is the answer.


  • Guitar chord fingering
  • Guitar chord studies
  • Transferal of guitar fingerboard patterns
  • Relating guitar scale tones to chords
  • Guitar fingerboard scale patterns
  • Three useful scales for guitar improvisations
  • The whole-tone-half-tone scale and its use

Format: PDF, 28 pages

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