Terry Syrek - Shred Is Not Dead

Terry Syrek - Shred Is Not Dead

Jul 27, 2023

Master shredder Terry Syrek makes it easy to become a rock lead-guitar virtuoso. Discover monster chop-building exercises and the secret to mind-bending, super-fast, sweep-picking licks. Plus, make creative use of the pentatonic scale and other scales you wouldn't necessarily think of using.
What Syrek does is offer exercises (some extremely challenging!) for those who've already attained shredding status. The theory info would be completely out of place in a beginners' shred book. There are no warm up exercises, just licks that start from relatively easy and progress, rather quickly, to a difficult level.
If you fill this book difficult you can download Troy Stetina Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar which goes from total novice to pro.  After getting some chops from Speed Mechanics, you'll take a second look at Shred is Not Dead, it's a good collection of licks and the theory makes more sense. Most of the licks are very difficult and can serve to hone and expand upon your newfound skills after spending time doing the Speed Mechanics exercises.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 48 pages

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9 comments on “Terry Syrek - Shred Is Not Dead”

  1. I have Troy Stetina's method, I like but I need somethig more advance. Thaks for you colaboration.

  2. Shred has been dead since the mid 90s. Only teenagers that want to impress other teenagers play fast instead of playing good.

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