Ted Greene Modern Chord Progressions PDF

Ted Greene - Modern Chord Progressions

Aug 31, 2023

Ted Greene - Modern Chord Progressions PDF. A collection and explanation of many different types of important progressions for the intermediate and advanced guitarist. Ted Greene is one of those rare individuals who has made it his life's work to teach harmony on the guitar. In this book, Ted takes you down the road to a greater understanding of how chords can be strung together to create harmonized musical phrases.
The book is not for the beginner or for the faint of heart. It is best digested slowly - say a page at a time. The best favor you can do for yourself is to attack every chord and every phrase analytically. Play every harmonic phrase slowly and cleanly until you can do it perfectly. Take apart each chord and make sure you know what the harmonic function of each note in the chord is.
The meat and potatoes of this book is that Ted Greene (an absolute legend of guitar harmony) has taken a series of chord progressions (among them I vi ii V, III7 VI7 II7 V7, and others) and then written out hundreds (hundreds!) of great voicings that go through that progression. You'll get all the inversions, and how they lead into great dominant chords.. but more often than not, it's up to you to provide the I chord. (which makes for a great challenge, and you're more than up for it after going through his progressions!) You'll see a variety of colorful dominant 7 chords (covering just about every sound the various extensions can give you), especially during the last section!

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Format: PDF, 107 pages

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14 comments on “Ted Greene - Modern Chord Progressions”

  1. A page at a time is about right. Also, if you've got notation software - Sibelius, for example - it makes sense to transcribe Ted's diagrams into standard notation. This enables you to see the voice-leading more clearly.

  2. Thanks for the offer but the Ted Greene Modern Chord Progressions file downloads as a .rar not the .pdf as advertised.

  3. Thanks so much admin! Could you please upload Greene's Jazz Guitar Single-note Soloing books? :yourock:

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