Stefan Grossman Holy Blues of Rev. Gary Davis PDF

Stefan Grossman - Holy Blues of Rev. Gary Davis

Nov 12, 2022

Stefan Grossman Holy Blues of Rev. Gary Davis PDF. In this book, six of Rev. Davis' Holy Blues are presented - gospel songs with a taste of the blues. The accompanying three CDs of lessons teach these arrangements phrase by phrase as well as presenting the original recordings. These lessons are for the intermediate to advanced fingerstyle guitarist. All of the music is in notation and tablature. LESSON ONE: Rev. Davis played many gospel songs with a blues feel. These are referred to as "Holy Blues." Death Don't Have No Mercy is an excellent example of a Holy Blues in the key of Em. Let Us Get Together follows, and is played in the key of G. This is a difficult arrangement illustrating Rev. Davis's control over his right hand. LESSON TWO: Rev.Gary Davis's religious arrangements in the key of C: I Belong to the Band and Tryin' to Get Home. LESSON THREE: For ragtime playing Rev. Davis would approach his guitar as if it were a piano. For gospel songs the guitar takes on the role of a full Baptist church! In this lesson we study two gospel arrangements, Pure Religion and I Am the Light of the World. Both are played in the key of C and have become popular in today's pop world.
Gives a great overview of Rev Gary Davis' gospel/blues approach. Powerful stuff. Well done and recordings are provided. A religious experience!

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 25 pages

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