Robert Luther Dietz The BEAD Method of Fretboard Mastery PDF

Robert Luther Dietz - The BEAD Method of Fretboard Mastery

Aug 13, 2023

Robert Luther Dietz The BEAD Method of Fretboard Mastery PDF. The BEAD Method of Fretboard Mastery PDF download. The BEAD Method is a revolutionary new way to understand the logic behind the guitar fretboard. There are many methods that rely on patterns of the guitar but BEAD Guitar relies on the unique tuning pattern of the guitar neck itself. In contrast you are provided with a true roadmap of the entire guitar neck. This book provides a unifying theory for understanding fret-notes, scales, modes and chords.
By using this method you will be enabled to quickly find any note, chord or scale from any position on the fretboard. This perfect bound edition is fully annotated and illustrated making this a great reference book for any guitarist's library.
First Robert shows you a simple way to instantly identify the notes on your guitar following the circle. This has facilitated my reading skills very well. Then he shows you how by knowing this information you can just as easily identify the triad chords and scales. The rest of the information that follows builds on these skills and tie into a well formed method for finding harmonized and altered chords, and modes. The section on modes breaks them down into basic forms that follow the BEAD pattern so that you can identify the modes as well.
This is not an instant cure for someone who wants to play like Eric Clapton in 15 minutes. It does explain the relationship between strings and frets in a way that will have you constructing chords and lead patterns, with understanding, in a very short time.  It provides more than just repeating patterns and shapes. The BEAD method maps the fretboard in simple, easy-to-understand lessons that build upon each other. It's written in a fun style as though the author were actually sitting down with you personally.
This book is the equivalent of the Rosetta Stone because it unlocks the "secrets" of the guitar fretboard. Even great guitarists who actually understand this stuff, usually can't explain it to someone else in a way that makes sense. That's the gift of Robert L. Dietz. He knows the information and, more importantly, is able to share it in a way that allows an average guy, to finally understand how and why the guitar is set up the way it is. You cannot go wrong with this book. Look, you have invested thousands of dollars in guitars, cases, amps and effects. Why not spend a small amount on the one method that will allow you the understanding and ability to creatively play for the rest of your life? The BEAD method is not just for those who've been struggling for years.

Format: PDF, 104 pages

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  1. Great workbook. Misplaced one I had, prefere one on computer. Thanks.

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