Rebeca Mauleon Salsa Guidebook For Piano and Ensemble PDF

Rebeca Mauleon - Salsa Guidebook: For Piano and Ensemble

Sep 1, 2023

Rebeca Mauleon Salsa Guidebook For Piano and Ensemble PDF. The only complete method book on salsa ever published! 260 pages, filled with musical examples for piano, bass, drum set and salsa percussion instruments. For beginning to advanced players. Also included are excerpts of musical scores showing how each instrument fits into each variation of salsa, an historical synopsis, numerous photos of salsa artists and an extensive discography of Afro-Caribbean music.
A complete method book on how all the various styles of Afro-Cuban music are played, plus sample charts showing what each instrument is responsible for, a complete history of the music, numerous classic photos, 50 pages just on piano montunos, and much more. Endorsed by Carlos Santana, among others. As Tito Puente's pianist, Sonny Bravo, said, "This will be the salsa 'bible' for years to come."
This book is for anyone who is hungry to aquire the knowledge and history of the rhythms from Cuba and how these rhythms came from Africa to the caribbean. The format is very easy to follow, the information given is great and very accurate, the people that knows some of the great salsa performers will appreciate the wealth of pictures printed on the book, like Israel Cachao, Luis Quintana "Changuito", Juan Formell, Tito puente, Isaac Oviedo, etc. The discography list is a must for anyone who wants to learn about salsa and rhythms alike. The musical examples, like the montunos on the piano are a must to learn.
For students of Latin rhythms, this book is essential. It has a good historical perspective and develops the concepts from the history in a clear methodical fashion. The examples of each instrument's parts in various rhythmic styles are perfect and it is an essential reference for anyone who wants to understand the rich culture of Latin music.
Filled with information about the instruments of South America, the genres that generally use them and common rhythmic/melodic cells each instrument uses. Rebeca Mauleon has put extensive research into this book and as far as books on music on South American music goes, this one is a must for anyone looking to further their research or musical skills. Other books on the market are quite vague and even inaccurate, in comparison, when it comes to this style.

Format: PDF, 270 pages

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