Mark Guiliana - Exploring Your Creativity on the Drumset

Mark Guiliana - Exploring Your Creativity on the Drumset

Jan 21, 2023

Mark Guiliana - Exploring Your Creativity on the Drumset DVD download. There are many interesting ideas in this book. This is not a book of typical drum grooves or patterns. This is not about hand development, rudiments, grooves. It contains ideas that are different. The concepts are great for unique fills that you might add to your vocabulary. He breaks down individual sounds of a typical drum set and applies the sounds to various patterns. You will take a pattern and play it on different parts of the kit. It is definitely unique as far a drum books go. The videos are very helpful. Since some of this stuff is challenging, the videos help you to hear and see what Mark talking about. It also requires practice. If you are looking for a drum book that will increase your vocabulary of ideas, then you should check this out.
Mark Guiliana presents a book/video package designed to expand your musical command of the drumset. One of today s most influential players, Mark is known for his improvisational capability and highly expansive rhythmic palette.
The structure of the book follows a system entitled D.R.O.P.: Dynamics, Rate, Orchestration and Phrasing. Mark pulls apart and addresses each of these building blocks of drumset play individually. The cross-referenced book and video present rhythmic exercises and examples that will expand your ability to call on different rhythmic rates and subdivisions on command, move them around the kit freely, and ultimately be able to phrase them in exciting and sometimes complex ways that sound like polyrhythms and metric modulations but are actually constructed upon a solid foundation of drumming basics. These unique and exciting concepts will give you the confidence to make a personal statement on the drumset.
Adding to this package is live footage of Mark playing with two of his longtime collaborators, Tim Lefebvre (bass) and Jason Lindner (keys). Having played together for years, these three musicians most recently formed the rhythm section for David Bowie s final album, Blackstar. Watch Mark interact with these world-class musicians in electric and acoustic settings as they apply Mark s concepts in inspiring performances.

Language: English
Year: 2016
Running time: 03:21:54
Quality: DVDRip
Video: MOV 1280x738, 30 fps
Audio: mp4a 44.1 Khz stereo
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 2.51 Gb

Mark Guiliana - Exploring Your Creativity on the Drumset

Mark Guiliana - Exploring Your Creativity on the Drumset

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  1. the links became premium only, kind of out of nowhere

    i know novafile might offer some benefits for the uploaders, but it could be at least a tad easier to download, idk

  2. Hi , i get this message when i try to open it.
    (Sorry, MGuiliana_ExpYCreDrum.part1.rar is no t a compressed file and cannot be decompressed)
    Any ideas?

  3. I can't find that, I see only the download links of the DVD parts; is the pdf included in them?

  4. I tried to download the first link three times. Fortunately the fourth time the download works! Thanks for sharing! (too much time to do it but now i have this great DVD with PDF book!)

  5. having to wait 9 hours from one link to another? come on man

  6. Hi! The link 1 is broken??? Please you could check it?? THANKS!

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