Julie Henigan DADGAD and DGDGCD Tunings PDF

Julie Henigan - DADGAD and DGDGCD Tunings

Oct 7, 2022

Julie Henigan DADGAD and DGDGCD Tunings PDF. DADGAD and DGDGCD is an extension and expansion of the previously released book, DADGAD Tuning. It includes a number of additional instrumental solos in DADGAD for beginning-intermediate guitar players, while introducing DGDGCD, a related open tuning. More traditional Irish and original Tunes and songs arranged for fingerstyle guitar. Although many of the selections are traditional Irish dance tunes, the book also includes an American dance tune, two traditional Irish songs, and original instrumentals by Frederick Boyce, Jake Schumacher, Gilles le Bigot, and the author. The book is written in tablature and standard notation.

Songs include:

  • Adieu, My Lovely Nancy
  • Boland's Favorite
  • Caoineadh na Réalta
  • Hoban's Hill
  • I Loved You More
  • Jesaig
  • Love, Will You Marry Me
  • Old Hag, You Have Killed Me
  • Pol Ha'penny
  • Soir et Matin
  • The Homesick Hornpipe
  • The Lark On The Strand
  • The Plains Of Boyle
  • The Puncheon Floor
  • The Trip o'er the Mountain
  • The Whale's Ear

Format: PDF, 69 pages

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