Josquin Des Pres J.S. Bach For Bass PDF

Josquin Des Pres - J.S. Bach For Bass

Feb 2, 2023

Josquin Des Pres J S Bach For Bass PDF. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). At a young age this German composer would demonstrate his tremendous ability and, in time, be recognized as one of the supremely great musicians of the world. To his contemporaries, he was known primarily as an organist, and a century was to pass before he would be recognized as a composer. Bach transformed the conventional structures of Preludes and Fugues.
While helping to improve technique and develop the ear, learning these J.S. Bach pieces will open up a whole new world of phrasing for the aspiring player.
This streamlined volume contains 10 pieces by J.S. Bach transcribed for the bass in TAB as well as traditional notation. It's a no-frills, no filler, edition packed with 100% protein! The material contained in this book is such a rich and solid foundation in the construction of scales and chords, that it would be beneficial to anyone interested in building their own solid musical vocabulary. So, continue to slap and pop that bass! But if you want to turn some heads,try playing melodically. This is the book to plant musical seeds with!
These arrangements are simply beautiful. Challenging, but very rewarding. Great for personal enjoyment or private study.
If you are looking to breathe some fresh air into your repertoire, or perhaps step outside styles. This may be the book for you. Classical style music may not be your cup of tea, but given a chance, Bach's compositions transcend styles and time. Simply good music, that is both fun and challenging. Comes with both Standard notation and tab. As with all tab, you'll have had to have heard the piece beforehand to make sense of it.
Any bassist, or any musician for that matter should take the time to study J.S. Bach. These studies help improve left hand dexterity and open your eyes to a whole world of runs you might have not thought about before. A must for a beginner, great challenge for intermediate, great maintenance for experts.
We all love Bach, so why not try and learn many of his wonderful works on bass? The two opening preludes (Well Tempered Clavier and Cello Suite) are well worth the price of the book. Bach will take your bass playing to a whole new dimension. 4 strings may find some Bach frustrating to no end. 5 strings (or more) will spend time focusing on making their basses sing cleanly and beautifully.


  • Allegro Assai (Sonata No.3 In C)
  • Bourree (Partita No.3 In E)
  • Courrente (Partita No.1 In B Minor)
  • Courrente (Partita No.2 In D Minor)
  • Courrente (Suite No.2 In D Minor)
  • Courrente (Suite No.3 In C)
  • Moderato (Prelude No.1 In C)
  • Prelude (Suite No.1 In G)
  • Prelude (Suite No.2 In D Minor)
  • Presto (Sonata No.1 In G Minor)

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 48 Pages

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  1. Great page, thank you from all the bass players in the world

  2. It's tough but I really like that it challenges me to be better.

  3. Excelente material brother, enfim localizei esse presente!!!!

  4. La mejor pagina que e visto en toda mi vida.. espero y continuen asi ayudandonos a nosostros los bajista en formacion..

  5. Gosh!...It's so hard to play although sounds nice and classic.

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