John S Pratt 14 Modern Contest Solo for Snare Drum

John S Pratt - 14 Modern Contest Solo for Snare Drum

Oct 24, 2023

John S Pratt 14 Modern Contest Solo for Snare Drum. All 26 of the Standard American Drum Rudiments, their variations and a number of compound rudiments are used here to establish the countless possibilities which present themselves within the bounds of the drumming rudiments. The interesting library contains titles such as: Stomping Through the Bar Line; Gingersnap; Ruffing Up a Storm; No Left Flam 6/8.
These snare drum solos are AWESOME! Challenging, MUSICAL (yes all caps), and FUN to play. Each solo contains many rudiments which are listed at the bottom of each piece. The phrasing used is great, alot of "over the bar" phrases, and sweet sticking patterns. GREAT book, if you do not own it and want to work on your chops this book will help tremendously. One of the best things about this book is that the solos sound awesome, are musical, and are FUN to play.
These are not boring rudimental exercises like so many other snare drum solos, these are (again) VERY well written, musical, fun sounding and fun to play.
One of the BEST books ever written for snare drum solos. A GREAT price, for what it is actually worth it is practically free.
If you are looking for traditional pieces to develop your rudimental chops, this book is ideal. Solos are challenging but also fun to play. A true classic that is very helpful if you want to master the fundamentals.

Format: PDF, 29 pages

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