Jam With Gary Moore (eBook) PDF

Jam With Gary Moore (eBook)

Nov 26, 2022

Jam With Gary Moore (eBook) PDF. These guitar workshops are powerful learning tools that will help extend your stockpile of licks and fills and help develop your improvisational skills. Features play-along songs in standard notation and tab, and on the CD with and without guitar parts.
The music has been transcribed perfectly into sheet music, accompanied by the guitar tabs. The CD comes with the two sets of backing tracks, recorded by the session musicians who put this book together. The first set includes, all 8 tracks without the lead guitar (drums, rhythm guitar, bass and any extra instruments), whilst the second set includes all the instruments as mentioned before, plus the lead guitar, so you can hear how the lead is meant to be played.
Learning these is not easy depending on the level of the player, but the effort pays off in your own technique study and when you hear something of your own in your head or are jamming on stage. Definitely worth it if you are willing to take the time. Other accurate transcriptions can be found in Best of Gary Moore. Time to hit the woodshed.

Songs include:

  • Cold Day in Hell
  • Empty Rooms
  • The Loner
  • Oh Pretty Woman
  • Parisienne Walkways
  • Still Got the Blues
  • Story of the Blues
  • Walking by Myself

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 84 pages

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