Stefan Grossman - British Fingerpicking Guitar

Dec 28, 2022

Stefan Grossman British Fingerpicking Guitar PDF. A tribute to the innovators and an analysis of the unique guitar fingerstyles and techniques developed in Great Britain. Presents guitar instrumentals by Davey Graham, Burt Jansch, and John Renbourn - over 20 solos in notation and tablature. The stereo CD features each solo as performed by the respective British composer/guitarist, and contains all but four of the songs in the book. The CD does not contain the following songs: Carolan's Concerto, Mrs. O'Rourke, Lord Inchiquin (arr. by John Renbourn) and Lament for Charles MacCabe.
The songs, for the most part, at least notewise, are not difficult, however, learning to play them like the artists requires hearing how they were performed. And that makes the excellent accompanying CD invaluable. The handwritten tabs are large and easy to follow.

Songs include:

  • Alice's Wonderland - Bert Jansch
  • Black Waterside Arranged - Bert Jansch
  • Bransle Gay Gervais, arranged - John Renbourn
  • Bridge - Bert Jansch and Martin Jenkins
  • Carolan's Concerto - Turlough Carolan (arr. by John Renbourn)
  • Faro's Rag - John Renbourn
  • Forty-Ton Parachute - Davey Graham
  • Hardiman The Fiddler Arranged - Davey Graham
  • Lady Nothynge's Toye Puffe - John Renbourn
  • Lament for Charles Maccabe Turlough Carolan (arr. by John Renbourn)
  • Lashtal's Room - Davey Graham
  • Lord Inchiquin Arranged by Davey Graham
  • Lord Inchiquin Turlough Carolan (arr. by John Renbourn)
  • Lord Mayo Arranged - Davey Graham
  • Mrs. O'Rourke - Turlough Carolan (arr. by John Renbourn)
  • St. Fiacre's Revenge - Bert Jansch
  • The Fairies' Hornpipe Arranged by Davey Graham
  • The Hermit - John Renbourn
  • The Lamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill - Turlough Carolan (arr. by John Renbourn)
  • The Moon Shines Bright - John Renbourn
  • The Wheel - Bert Jansch
  • Veronica - Bert Jansch

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 154 pages

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