Edward Ayola Winning Rhythms PDF

Edward Ayola - Winning Rhythms

Jun 30, 2021

Edward Ayola Winning Rhythms PDF. Winning Rhythms perfects rhythmic skills for all students, all instruments. Use it in your class. Use it in private lessons. You can even use Winning Rhythms without an instrument, clapping the rhythms. Later, add the bow or fingers. As your students become more rhythmically confident, they can play the rhythm patterns with scales. In no time at all, while their rhythm improves, they'll learn scales and fingering techniques too!
It starts very simple and is very accessible for early rhythm learning, but also advances to more complex rhythms fairly quickly to challenge even older students. This book is invaluable for teachers and students. It gives progressive rhythm exercises, which in less than forty pages goes from the simplest to the hardest rhythms (straight quarter notes to alternating triplets and dotted-8ths and sixteenths, for example). For students with rhythm problems - most of them! - this is a sure cure.

Format: PDF, 35 pages

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