Drumeo Edge Courses Beginner 3 Part 3

Drumeo Edge Courses – Beginner 3 Part 3

Mar 19, 2021

Drumeo Edge Courses Beginner 3 Part 3. Stop wasting your practice time on random drum lessons. With carefully designed video courses featuring the best teachers in the world, you’ll always know exactly what to work on for maximum results. Supercharge your drumming practice.
Play your favorite songs on the drums. Nothing is better than playing to real music! So you’ll love play-alongs for applying your new skills to songs – plus detailed song breakdowns for music by popular bands of all eras and styles.
Drumeo Edge is GUARANTEED to help you learn the drums faster with step-by-step lessons. Diversify your drum education with 100+ teachers. Play the songs and styles that YOU love the most.

The next part of lessons:

Drumeo Edge Courses – Intermediate 4 Part 1

Beginner 3 Part 3 course contains:

  • Musical Exercises For Drummers - Kaz Rodriguez
  • Open Handed Drumming - Claus Hessler
  • Refining Your Groove -  Jimmy Rainsford
  • Rock Drum Fills - Jared Falk
  • Soloing Strategies - Dafnis Prieto
  • The Fundamentals Of Groove -  Matt Johnson
  • The Grooves Of Michael Jackson - Jonathan Moffett
  • The Importance Of Musical Phrasing - Jason Sutter
  • The Paradiddle Sweep - Dennis Chambers
  • The Traditional Grip - Reuben Spyker

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Drumeo Edge Courses – Beginner 3 Part 3

Drumeo Edge Courses – Beginner 3 Part 3

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  1. Thank you So much for all of your effort to have these available a very great help

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