DRUM magazine February 2016 PDF

DRUM! February 2016 (#236)

Jun 16, 2021

DRUM magazine February 2016 PDF download. The most fanatical drumming magazine on the planet. DRUM! is an educational drumming magazine. It features artist profiles, product reviews, lessons and advanced transcriptions covering rock, pop and related styles of music. In the 1990s it gained a reputation for its coverage of younger drummers in contemporary styles such as punk, rap-rock, and metal. It was the first magazine to feature artists such as Tre Cool (Green Day), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Travis Barker (Blink-182) and others on its covers.
A typical issue of DRUM! includes artist features and in-depth stories on topics such as playing techniques or new products. Additionally, it includes reviews of new recordings and drum products (cymbals, drums, hardware), short news items, career and health tips, and challenging lessons.

DRUM magazine February 2016 (#236) contents:

  • Most drummers would feel shortchanged if they had to record their band’s double concept album without even hearing the songs first. Mangini isn’t like most drummers.
  • Peter Erskine’s Dr. Um Track By Track. Say a final farewell to Weather Report as the jazz giant gives us a musical tour of his new solo release, Dr. Um.
  • What's Your Drumming IQ? It takes two to tango, but three to play in one of these bands.
  • Legal Beat. What’s in a name? Everything, actually.
  • Moment In History. Consider, if you will, the plight of southpaw drummers. Here are some legendary ones.
  • Jaimeo Brown. Brown’s band, Transcendence, takes troubling accounts of race and exploitation and turns them into Work Songs.
  • Fay Milton. Savages pounds pneumatic post-punk, so you might be surprised by Milton’s legit pedigree.
  • The Anatomy Of Pedaling. We explore the complex collaboration among muscles, joints, and bones that occurs in your foot when you pump the pedals.
  • 10 Things Every Beginner Must Learn. Whether you plan to study with a teacher or be self-taught, you need to master these techniques to go pro.
  • Akbar Moghaddam. You don’t often read stories like this in drumming mags. It begins with an escape from a bloody revolution and ends at a workbench, building congas.
  • Dw Pure Oak Collector’s Series Drums
  • TRX X Series Cymbals
  • Roland TD-25K Kit
  • Lessons. Gil Sharone demonstrates some rockers variations. Matt Byrne offers tricky independence exercises. Danny Gottlieb kicks up a samba, Airto-style.

Text Format PDF, 84 pages

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