Don Latarski Practical Theory for Guitar PDF

Don Latarski - Practical Theory for Guitar

Oct 29, 2021

Don Latarski Practical Theory for Guitar PDF. A Player's Guide to Essential Music Theory in Words, Music, Tablature, and Sound. A guitar player's guide to music theory. This book is a complete theory course with recorded examples that put everything in an applicable, musical context. The recording includes all the musical examples and play-along tracks. Not just another "how to play" book, this one is concise with lots information on guitar theory and especially helpful if you want to learn improvisational techniques.
This is an excellent book, but be forewarned it is not for beginners. You should have a firm grasp on basic scale theory, keys, and chords before tackling this book. Also, this is not a book that teaches you exercises on learning the scales. If you don't already have the major scale down in multiple positions and all keys, this is not the book for you. A better choice might be Tom Kolb's book on music theory.
If you at least have the major scale down in all positions and keys, this is a great reference to get you going on all the modes, plus a bunch of other scales... and more!
It is not a book for beginners and not a book for people who wants just to fry the guitar learning pentatonic scales. It is about scales and intervals. It is about understanding the different sounds of music. It is about the tensions of the notes, the jazz, blues and other styles. It helps you to understand what scales go over different chords and vice versa. If you want to learn the instrument beyond the basic it is a very good choice.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 160 pages

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