Dan Miller Flatpicking Essentials Volume 7 PDF

Dan Miller - Flatpicking Essentials Volume 7

Sep 21, 2020

Advanced Rhythm and Chord Studies. Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 7 is a 170 page book, with 67 audio tracks, that will show you how to add texture, variety, and movement to your rhythm accompaniment in the context of playing bluegrass, fiddle tune music, folk music, acoustic rock, Western swing, big band swing, and jazz. The best part of this book is that it doesn't just present you with arrangements to memorize. It teaches you how you can create and execute your own accompaniment arrangements in a variety of musical styles.
The book starts by teaching you the formula, form, and function of major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads. In the triad section of the book you will also learn about triad derivation using string transference, chord inversion, and the "drop 2" methods. Additionally, you will study chord voicing, voice leading, and the use of chord scales (harmonized triads). You will also learn how to locate chord inversions on all parts of the fingerboard and how to use them with a variety of rhythm patterns and in the context of fiddle tune backup.
The triad section of the books sets the foundation for the next section, which teaches seventh chords (dominant, minor, major, half diminished and diminished). Familiarity with seventh chords is the first step to learning how to arrange and play rhythm in the Western swing, big band swing, and jazz styles. You will learn about seventh chord inversions, "drop 2" and "drop 3" dominant seventh chords, seventh chord voicing, and chord scales. You will then practice the form of these chords in various exercises that are designed to help you gain familiarity and build "muscle memory" with all of these chords. You will also learn how to apply these chords in jazz and Western swing style accompaniment, as well as chord-melody style lead playing. After learning seventh chords, you will also learn about sixth chords, ninth chords, eleven chords, and thirteenth chords, polychords, and chord alterations.
The final section of the book teaches you about Chord Substitutions and building Chord Progressions. You will learn the rules of thumb for chord substitution, be given chord substitution ideas, and learn about creating movement in a chord progression using a variety of substitute chords. In this section you will learn concepts such as the use of chord inversions, chord homonyms, diatonic substitutions, circle of fourth substitutions (secondary dominants), chord extensions and alterations, functional substitutions, chromatic leading, chord enclosure, chord scales, pedal points, cadence, passing chords, tritone substitutions and more.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 179 pages

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