Chris Amelar Funk Guitar Jammin' PDF

Chris Amelar - Funk Guitar Jammin'

Aug 3, 2022

Chris Amelar Funk Guitar Jammin' PDF. Chris is the author of one of the most extensive rock method books ever, titled Mastering Rock Guitar. He's a regular contributor to Guitar School and Guitar World and has been an instructor at the National Guitar Workshop in Connecticut for eight years. He's a busy clinician, but finds time to play with a number of bands around New York City. Chris has dissected the chops-heavy styles of Al DiMeola and John Petrucci.
These book/audio play-along tracks contain ten original, full-band tracks to jam with, in the tempos, feels, keys, and styles used by today's hottest players. Book includes breakdowns of each track, chord charts, full-form analysis, advice for improvising, and more. The accompanying CD or cassette features the killer-sounding tracks played out.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 34 pages

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6 comments on “Chris Amelar - Funk Guitar Jammin'”

  1. raccolta di book molto interessante mi servira per approfondire lo studio della chitarra jazz grazie mille

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