Bruce Bishop Fretboard Harmony PDF

Bruce Bishop - Fretboard Harmony

Nov 15, 2022

Bruce Bishop Fretboard Harmony PDF. This is a book that provides an approach to modern harmonic relationships that is unique to the guitar, creating the foundation necessary for a complete understanding of music theory as it relates to the guitar fingerboard. Designed for the elementary and intermediate player, this book does not require the ability to sight-read.
The book is divided into two sections: text and workbook. The text section is presented with a minimum of verbiage, the workbook section is comprised of simple exercises designed to promote assimilation and utilization of the information provided in the text.

Topics covered:

  • Sharps, flats and enharmonics
  • symmetrical scales and technique exercises
  • the five pentatonic scale patterns
  • the “relative minor” relationship
  • pattern movements within I, IV, V progressions
  • intervals and their symbols
  • the fretboard geometry of intervals
  • the major scale and its role in present-day music
  • chords, chord progressions and chord substitutions
  • chord inversions
  • 15 common major-scale-type chord progressions
  • 45 real-world, usable chords diagrammed and explained
  • the five major scale patterns
  • root positions of the five major scale patterns
  • detailed presentations and analyses of three songs
  • the “D” tuning, with diagrams of 40 practical chords
  • line progressions, diagrammed and explained
  • passing chords, ascending and descending
  • contrasting major and minor keys
  • understanding minor progressions
  • and commonly used chord types in minor progressions

It is recommended that players practice and study at least one hour per day to reap the maximum benefits from this book.

Format: PDF, 248 pages

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