Bunny Brunel - Power Bass Soloing Secrets

Bunny Brunel - Power Bass Soloing Secrets

Jul 5, 2023

Bunny Brunel Power Bass Soloing Secrets PDF. Explore New Modes, Scales & Chords: Expand Your Improv Palette. This book is designed to help bass players understand jazz soloing and the concept of scale and chord substitutions. Unlike most music books that deal with jazz scales and chords, the Bunny Brunel system is tailored for bass players, making the learning of harmony very simple and opening new doors for improvisation.
For those who wish to expand their soloing capabilities, look no further; this is the Rolls Royce of ear training and fingerboard proficiency. If you've always wondered how the great Jazz giants have gotten to where they are, then is the book for you. In a few months you'll finally understand the secret behind the improvisational language and how it works, which is nothing more than playing around with simple modes and scales.
The CD contains 11 progressive variations of 12-measure blues, using scales and modes. Each variation has 3 choruses, once with Bunny, and twice for free improvisation. You can do the same in "Madrid" or "Pebble Beach"- a tune based on the same harmonic changes as "All the things you are"

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 65 pages

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