Bruce Arnold's NYC Jazz Guitar Summit

Bruce Arnold - NYC Jazz Guitar Summit

Nov 8, 2021

Bruce Arnold's NYC Jazz Guitar Summit. Harmonic and improvisational insight from 16 jazz masters. You've studied diligently all year, worked your fingers to the bone and completed all of your assignments on a timely basis. It's time for something a little different. And you deserve a treat for all that hard work. So pack a toothbrush, put on comfortable clothes, grab a couple sets of strings and lock yourself in the shed -- you're going to camp out for a while at the NYC Jazz Guitar Summit with 16 top-notch artists and educators.
This extraordinary learning adventure was made possible by recording artist, monster jazz guitarist and consummate educator Bruce Arnold.
"Over the past six years, I had the pleasure of staging a series of intensive 3-week jazz workshops in New York City. Each year, I invited a cross-section of musicians that I considered to be not only top players and educators but also dynamic innovators and thinkers. With the help of TrueFire, we filmed a truckload of video and then cherry-picked 525 concentrated minutes of our favorite excerpts from 16 of the artists' sessions. It's its the next best thing to having been there yourself."
Indeed, you'll be treated to over 8 1/2 hours of insight, performance examples and engaging perspectives from a veritable who's who of contemporary jazz guitar. And don't let the 'jazz" word scare you off if blues, rock or pop is your bag -- many of the concepts discussed and presented translate very well to any genre of music.
"I tend to think of this NYC Jazz Guitar Summit project as a historical document as well as a teaching tool. It illustrates the musical concepts that are being thought about and implemented by a cross section of dynamic musicians at the beginning of the 21st century, including but certainly not limited to, improvisation in all of its many approaches."
Jazz masters: Dusan Bogdanovic, Jane Getter, Mimi Fox, Bruce Arnold, Peter Leitch, Randy Johnston, Brad Shepik, Jack Wilkins, John Hart, Leni Stern, Roni Ben-Hur, Sheryl Bailey, Kenny Wessel, Pete McCann, Gene Ess, Bruce Bartlett.

Language: English
Year: 2013
Running time: 525 min
Quality: WebRip
Video: AVC, 864x486 (16:9), 29.970 fps, ~752 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 219 kbps, 48000Hz, 2 ch
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 2.76 Gb

Bruce Arnold - NYC Jazz Guitar Summit

Bruce Arnold - NYC Jazz Guitar Summit

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