La Guitarra Flamenca de Paco Serrano

Feb 08 2023

La Guitarra Flamenca de Paco Serrano

La Guitarra Flamenca de Paco Serrano free download. Paco Serrano, the winner of the “Concurso Nacional de la Guitarra Flamenca de Cordoba” is one of the few top flamenco guitarists who still dedicate part of their time to tuition. In this video Paco Serrano explains the different techniques of the flamenco guitar (pulgar, rasgueado, arpegio, tremolo, alzapua, ligados) with reference to Solea.
Each falseta is played at normal speed and then slowly. The point of departure being the rhythm of Solea, the student step by step learns more about Alegrias, Bulerias, Tangos, Tarantas, as well as exceptional techniques like a seven-note-tremolo, special rasgueos and much more. In the second part, Paco plays a few of his concert pieces. Surely, this final section may serve as an incentive to even the most advanced guitarists to develop their own ideas. Original PDF book included.


Language: Spanish
Country: Spain
Running time: 00:44:20
Quality: VHSRip
Video: XVID 720×576 25.06fps
Audio: Dolby AC3 44100Hz stereo 192Kbps
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 900 Mb

La Guitarra Flamenca de Paco Serrano

La Guitarra Flamenca de Paco Serrano

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  1. wicohere /

    @ Murdys if you have manuel Granados books could you please share? he’s got some really good ones.

  2. wicohere /

    Do you have manuel granados books? I can’t find them here or other sites.. his books seem great.

  3. joe /

    Great. Comprehensive content

  4. Murdys /

    @ ozer You can start working using manuel granados book, also you need a instructor.

    İyi günler(Have a good day)

  5. ozer /

    hi…i want to learn flamenco guitar

  6. NiazShah /

    Great book .. paco serrano is one of the greatist flamenco guitarist

  7. herodote /

    Super ! Thanks a lot. It s a great guitarit and a fantastic flamenco. I love his “toque”

  8. tomtit /

    another fast-strings top-notch service provided. brilliant as always

  9. tano /

    very intresting thank you

  10. march /

    very interesting thanx.

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