Total Guitar February 2009 PDF

Total Guitar February 2009

Feb 12, 2023

Total Guitar February 2009 PDF download. Complete issue, cover to cover. Total Guitar is an interactive guitar magazine. Every issue brings songs to learn, with CD audio to help you play along, reviews of all the latest guitar equipment, and interviews with all the biggest names in the guitar world! Total Guitar regularly contains tablature for Rock, Acoustic, Punk, Blues, Classic Rock and Metal, as well as detailed profiles of guitarists and their specific techniques and playing styles. Total Guitar is aimed at players who would like to learn how to play guitar, with dedicated beginner tutorials in acoustic and electric guitar, as well as helping those who can already play guitar to develop their playing style and learn new techniques and songs.
Total Guitar is mainly focused on tuition, but also has an expert gear reviews section that looks at the latest guitar equipment including guitars, amplifiers, pedals and accessories. Total Guitar also secures many exclusive interviews with guitarists from all kinds of genres and levels of playing, and has an in-depth features section.

Total Guitar February 2009 (#185) contents:

  • Rock'n'Roll Stars - EXCLUSIVE: British guitar legends Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher on the importance of being idols
  • Real men play at 10! The Aussie rockers give you the rules of classic rock guitar
  • Bloc party's guide to FX. FX junkie Russell Lissack dissects his pedalboard for TG
  • Beyond basic chords - TG's improvers' lesson shows you how to step up your playing
  • Gojira - The band who could redefine the way we listen to metal
  • Icon: Ted Nugent - The 'Motor City Madman' speaks
  • What I've learned: Ginger (Wildearts) - Puts his personality in his guitar
  • Rocked & Rated - Gear intro; Dean MAB1 Armorflame; Group Test: giggable electrics around pounds 200; Round-up: loop pedals; Diezel Einstein Combo; Freshman Apollo 2; NI Guitar Rig Session; Ed's Shed.
  • Take your playing to the next level with TG's guide to going Beyond Basic Chords
  • Beggars can now be chosers: TG tests four giggable electrics, all around pounds 200
  • Meshuggah - Combustion
  • ZZ TOP - Sharp Dressed Man
  • The Cribs - Don't You Wanna Be Relevant?
  • The Black Crowes - Remedy
  • Strum-Along: Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
  • Shift down an octave to get Meshuggah's eight-string solo sounds on a six string
  • Novice - Learn how to use string bends in the A blues scale
  • Video lesson: Paul Gilbert - Paul ventures up the neck with a high three-note-per-string lick
  • Video lesson: Newton Faulkner - How to get two notes out of one string at the same time!
  • Video lesson: Alex Skolnick - Break out of a playing rut with a cool melodic lick across the neck
  • Modern masters - Get inspired by some of the most influential pop and rock guitarists from the last 30 years. This month: George Harrison
  • Get your Grades - Ace your exams with the help of our Rockschool and RGT columns

Includes original mp3 tracks and video
Text Format PDF, 103 pages

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