Texas Blues Alley - Essential Techniques: The Grip

Texas Blues Alley - Essential Techniques: The Grip

Feb 12, 2024

Texas Blues Alley Essential Techniques The Grip. Learn the “thumb-over” grip nearly every legendary blues and blues rock guitarist uses. If you want to master the sound of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan (or countless other legends), you’ll need to re-learn how to hold the guitar. Traditional methods teach a thumb-behind approach. There’s nothing wrong with this approach….unless you want to do it like most blues and rock legends did.
The Grip is a 2-hour course that breaks down the mechanics of playing chords and soloing using the thumb-over grip. Using an E-Form bar chord as a template, you’ll learn the physics of The Grip, what makes it work, and exercises that will stretch your endurance and physical strength to new levels.
Part 1: Introduction. We start the lesson by looking at why The Grip is important to the style of music we love. We'll look at the advantages this grip offers, and some of the players that have used it.
Part 2: Grip Mechanics. This section is a real nuts and bolts look at exactly what each of your fingers will have to do in order to use The Grip in your own playing.
Part 3: E-Form Application. The most difficult application of The Grip is the E-Form chord. To play this kind of chord cleanly requires precise positioning of each finger tip. In this section of the lesson, I'll go through each note of the chord, explaining how your finger will have to be positioned to fret the note cleanly.
Part 3: G-Form Application. This is one of Jimi Hendrix's signature chord forms. We'll look at how The Grip gives you a big advantage when playing this chord, and how to play it cleanly.
Part 3: 7th & 9th Chord Application. In this section we look at how you can play different 7th and 9th chords using The Grip. These aren't nearly as challenging as the E-Form chords, so your fingers will get a break during this section.
Part 4: Exercises. Now for the good stufff… In this section we go through some tedious exercises that will force you to pay attention to your finger positioning.
Most of these exercises are focused on the E-Form chord application because that is the most difficult one to master.
The Essential Techniques courses are a deep dive into the "thumb-over" technique used by nearly every famous blues and blues rock guitarist.
This style of handling the guitar is as old as the blues itself. It is not "correct" or "proper" guitar technique - at least not by academic standards - but it is nearly ubiquitous in blues and blues rock.
Essential Techniques is the best collection of courses on this subject that you'll find anywhere. These are not easy, fun courses. They are physically demanding, and require incredible attention to detail. But if you're serious about sounding like SRV, Hendrix, or any other number of famous blues or rock guitarists, an investment in your technique pays huge dividends.

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