Pat Martino Creative Force Part 1 PDF

Pat Martino - Creative Force Part 1

Aug 4, 2022

Pat Martino Creative Force Part 1 PDF. Pat Martino, one of the true giants of jazz guitar, imparts his extraordinary concepts for jazz improvisation. Part 1 covers Pat's diminished concept and his special system of minor conversion. With standard notation and tab. All of Pat's examples are contained on the included recording.
Fluid lines, interesting harmonies, great melodic ideas, clean technique... he's got it all. This book and CD are very useful for understanding his style. I would recommend it more for the player who has some traditional background in music theory, than for a beginner. Pat's ideas on music are not exactly standard. They are pretty easy to understand and use, though. The books format includes musical material written by Pat. The examples are written in standard notation and tablature.
The CD included is from a video of the book, and is performed by Pat himself. It's nearly worth the cost of the book by itself, but having the notated form to look at while you're listening makes it even better.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 78 pages

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