John Renbourn – Solo Guitar Pieces

John Renbourn - Solo Guitar Pieces

Feb 18, 2023

John Renbourn Solo Guitar Pieces PDF. This book is a mixed bag of pieces for the solo guitar containing arrangements of carol tunes, medieval dance tunes, music for the lute and the Irish harp, some original John's pieces  and a bit of ragtime.
John Renbourn is an English guitarist and songwriter. He is possibly best known for his collaboration with guitarist Bert Jansch as well as his work with the folk group Pentangle, although he maintained a solo career before, during and after that band's existence.
While most commonly labelled a folk musician, Renbourn's musical tastes and interests take in early music, classical music, jazz, blues and world music. His most influential album, Sir John Alot (1968), featured his take on tunes from the Medieval era.
Many of the pieces employ tunings common enough in the field of folk guitar but nowadays are rarely used in music for the classical guitar although basic open tunings were certainly used by the various important players who made up the Viennese 'school' of the early 1800s.
All the pieces can be played on either nylon or steel-string guitar although the steel-string is probably more adaptable for playing in low tunings and is certainly more suitable for recreating the sound of the old Irish harp.
The pieces are written out in standard guitar notation and six line tablature. Original audio tracks are included.


  • The Lamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill
  • Lord Inchiquin
  • Mrs. Power (Carolan's Concerto)
  • Bourree I and II
  • The Moon shines Bright
  • The English Dance
  • The Hermit
  • Luke's Little Summer
  • Goat Island
  • Faro's Rag
  • John's Tune
  • Old Mac Bladgill
  • Luckett Sunday
  • Bicycle Tune
  • Pavanna

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 82 pages

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