Guitar Legends #104 2008 Iron Maiden PDF

Guitar Legends #104 (2008) - Iron Maiden

Jul 1, 2023

Guitar Legends #104 2008 Iron Maiden PDF. Guitar Legends magazine PDF download. The complete history of Iron Maiden with a career-spanning exclusive interview with Dave Murray and Adrian Smith! This special collector's edition also includes an incredible photo gallery from the Iron Maiden vault, unseen sketches from Derek Riggs, and the origin of Eddie.
Guitar Legends Magazine is a special choice magazine for everyone who likes to read about master guitarists of all times. There comes some top class features with excellent collection of photos, interviews and exclusive features on guitarists. Every issue of this magazine has transcriptions of five songs. You will find the tablature of the songs, which you can play at your leisure. If you have been looking for great songs to practice on your guitar, this magazine delivers you some nice choices.
This magazine features only the legends. The true legends that have made their mark on the world of music get due attention through this magazine. Every issue of this magazine has the special choice read on all time favourite guitarists.

Guitar Legends #104 (2008) - Iron Maiden contents:

  • Transcribed: "Run to the hills", "The trooper", "Phanton of the opera", "Wasted years", "The prisoner"
  • The history of Iron Maiden - From their early days as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene to their mid-Eighties breakthrough in America, this is the story of Iron Maiden's rise to power.
  • Slave masters - With 1984's Powerslave, Iron Maiden's career in the U.S. went into high gear. Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris and Andrian Smith reflect on that commercially triumphant era.
  • Beastie Boys - Over the course of nearly two decades (and innumerable personnel changes), England's Iron Maiden have been a heavy metal powerhouse, developing and reshaping the music with their jarring riffs, hysterical vocals and harmonized guitars. Here is their explosive story.
  • Special ed - The life and times of the Iron Maiden mascot.
  • Running free - The story of Bruce Dickinson's shocking 1993 departure from Iron Maiden, and why he ultimately returned.
  • Draw with your boots on - Artist Derek Riggs recalls how he gave birth to Eddie and created Iron Maiden's most memorable album and single covers.
  • Art attack - Derek Riggs tells the stories behind some of Maiden's greatest covers.
  • New world order - With 2000's Brave New World, a reunited Iron Maiden welcomed singer Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith back into the fold.
  • Iron Men - For nearly 30 years, the guitar tandem of Dave Murray and Andrian Smith has been synonymous with Iron Maiden's galloping riffs, dueling leads and three-part harmonies. In this exclusive interview, they reflect of three decades of metallic glory and discuss the band's future plans.

Text Format PDF, 88 pages

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