Garwood Whaley Primary Handbook For Snare Drum PDF

Garwood Whaley - Primary Handbook For Snare Drum

May 12, 2021

Garwood Whaley Primary Handbook For Snare Drum PDF. A beginning method with Play-Along CD. A brand new edition of this internationally acclaimed classic snare drum method with play-along audio. This re-engraved comprehensive and musical method includes reading studies, duets, stick control exercises, multiple drum studies, rudiments and student composition assignments. Beginner through intermediate level.
You don't have to be a snare drummer in a marching band to benefit from the exercises in this book. All drummers have to know how to count rythym/beats and these exercises help develop that skill very well.
It is definitely worthwhile to have the CD and it is not "cheating" to play along with it. You'll see that when you try to do it - it's just more like playing along with another drummer, which is great practice.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 50 pages

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