DRUM magazine November 2016 PDF

DRUM! November 2016 (#245)

Jun 25, 2021

DRUM magazine November 2016 PDF download. The most fanatical drumming magazine on the planet. DRUM! is an educational drumming magazine. It features artist profiles, product reviews, lessons and advanced transcriptions covering rock, pop and related styles of music. In the 1990s it gained a reputation for its coverage of younger drummers in contemporary styles such as punk, rap-rock, and metal. It was the first magazine to feature artists such as Tre Cool (Green Day), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Travis Barker (Blink-182) and others on its covers.
A typical issue of DRUM! includes artist features and in-depth stories on topics such as playing techniques or new products. Additionally, it includes reviews of new recordings and drum products (cymbals, drums, hardware), short news items, career and health tips, and challenging lessons.

DRUM magazine November 2016 (#245) contents:

  • Tre Cool. Anything can happen when the Green Day guys get together, including the spontaneous and totally unexpected recording of the band’s brand new album Revolution Radio.
  • In Their Own Words. Nothing could kill Rob Rufus’ love for punk drumming, not even cancer.
  • What's Your Drumming IQ? Which heavy drummer is which?
  • You Are What You Eat. Is dark chocolate a superfood? We say yes!
  • Tips Of The Trade. Good reasons why your drums don’t sound like those of your drumming heroes.
  • 2016 Drummies! Gear Award Winners. Find out which drums, cymbals, heads, sticks, and other sumptuous gear rose to the top of the class this year.
  • Miles Ahead Roundtable. Otis Brown III, Kendrick Scott, and E.J. Strickland discuss the drummers, creative process, and movie of jazz legend Miles Davis.
  • Anatomy Of Sticking. Think the secret to drumming technique is all in the wrist? Prepare to be surprised by the number of interworking parts involved.
  • Cyro Neville is member of a New Orleans music dynasty talks up his latest venture: The Royal Southern Brotherhood.
  • Ostinato & Syncopation Lesson. Learn to add other instrument voices with one hand while keeping the conga groove with the other.
  • 21 Mighty Mixing Tips. Don’t spoil stellar tracks with a ham-fisted mix. Take these tips to heart and polish your masterpiece.
  • Mapex Black Panther White Widow Kit
  • Subdivisions. Take the challenge of following triplet-based shuffle grooves with quintuplet fills.
  • Prog. Our newest columnist demonstrates a simple way to make odd meters feel even.
  • Groove. We wrap up our three-part series on shuffles with more essential beats to get dancers off their feet.

Text Format PDF, 100 pages

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