DRUM magazine March 2016 PDF

DRUM! March 2016 (#237)

Jun 17, 2021

DRUM magazine March 2016 PDF download. The most fanatical drumming magazine on the planet. DRUM! is an educational drumming magazine. It features artist profiles, product reviews, lessons and advanced transcriptions covering rock, pop and related styles of music. In the 1990s it gained a reputation for its coverage of younger drummers in contemporary styles such as punk, rap-rock, and metal. It was the first magazine to feature artists such as Tre Cool (Green Day), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Travis Barker (Blink-182) and others on its covers.
A typical issue of DRUM! includes artist features and in-depth stories on topics such as playing techniques or new products. Additionally, it includes reviews of new recordings and drum products (cymbals, drums, hardware), short news items, career and health tips, and challenging lessons.

DRUM magazine March 2016 (#237) contents:

  • Charlie Benante. He overcame colossal hurdles like carpal tunnel syndrome, incessant bandmember changes, and even fan fallout to get Anthrax back on track. Now he's ready to kick serious butt.
  • POV. What it takes to go pro.
  • Army Staff Sgt. Paul Delacerda. Rescuing wounded warriors with the healing power of music.
  • The Shed. Three new methods to make you a better player.
  • Classic Women Drummers. The '70's and beyond.
  • You Are What You Eat. Got matcha? You should.
  • Pump It Up. Try these calf raises for peak pedal power.
  • Butch Norton. Lucinda Williams had a trick up her sleeve. Norton followed suit.
  • Art Cruz. From the merch table to the drum riser, Cruz has done it all with Prong.
  • Two Sides To The Story. Gary Clark Jr. and Johnny Radelat play musical chairs between the studio and the stage.
  • Drummers Of Jeff Beck. Phillips, Walden, Colaiuta: Some of the greatest players have backed the guitar legend.
  • Drum Tech Roundtable. Nashville's best techs discuss the perks and challenges of a career behind the scenes.
  • 10 Jam Band Albums You Must Hear. Turn on the lava lamp, drop the needle on these tracks, and hear the magic.
  • Scott Feiner. Find out how the pandeiro revived this former jazz guitarist's love for music.
  • Percussion Lessons. Taku Hirano grooves on a surdo and shaker while Glen Caruba explains how to rock a tambourine in church.
  • Drum Sample Replacement. Embrace the creative possibilities of sound replacement and watch your calendar fill up.
  • Dialed In. Backtrack your digital tracks with the Rev plugin.
  • Barry Kerch Drum Parts. Kerch walks us through his performance of "Outcast" from Shinedown's Threat To Survival.
  • Lessons. New columnist Jonathan Joseph tries some of Tony's favorite triplets. Gil Sharone pays homage to the late 2-Tone legend John "Brad" Bradbury. Danny Gottlieb refines your stick stroke positions. Matt Byrne gives your double kicks a workout with triplets. Chris Fryar explores the mysteries of the blues rumba.

Text Format PDF, 100 pages

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