David Hamburger 50 Jazz-Blues Licks You Must Know

David Hamburger - 50 Jazz-Blues Licks You Must Know

Aug 17, 2020

David Hamburger 50 Jazz-Blues Licks You Must Know. 50 of the baddest, bopping-est, funkiest and bluesiest licks you must know. The path from pentatonic sameness to heavy jazzed blues catitude often appears strewn with mystifying theoretical explanations and effete bossa renditions of "The Days of Wine and Roses." Feh! David Hamburger's 50 Jazz-Blues Licks You MUST Know cuts right to the chase, offering up some of the baddest, bopping-est, funkiest and bluesiest ways to navigate through any shuffle, boogaloo, minor blues or jazz-blues chord changes.
Hamburger digs deep into the 50s and 60s, when labels like Blue Note, Prestige and Riverside were serving up the funky, down-home music of guitarists like Kenny Burrell, Grant Green and Wes Montgomery, all of whom inspired some of the jazzed blues lickage in this collection. These alone are worth the price of admission, but as we all know, Hamburger is the consummate over-achiever and he sure didn't stop there...
For maximum groovalocity, Hamburger also explores the bluesy-funky-jazzy stylings of saxophonists Stanley Turrentine, Hank Mobley, Lou Donaldson and Jimmy Forrest, trumpeters Blue Mitchell, Kenny Dorham and Lee Morgan, and pianists Tommy Flanagan, Oscar Peterson and Hank Jones. Learning to play these horn and piano licks on guitar will take you places on the fretboard that you've never been before, both physically and sonically. Wanna turn heads at the gig? Get a grip on these fresh melodic and harmonic approaches for getting around chord changes.
50 Jazz-Blues Licks will have you blowing the changes through every possible transition of a 12-bar blues, from I to IV, from IV back to I, from V to IV to I, and from ii to V to I. With the material organized this way, you won't just learn a bunch of licks - at each step of the way, you'll know exactly how each lick works in the context of the blues progression and know exactly how to incorporate it into your playing, whether that's over a I-IV-V shuffle, a bop blues with a iii-VI-ii-V turnaround, or a funky straight-eighths tune.
All of the licks are presented in context over a rhythm track, which you'll later use to practice with. Hamburger first performs the example and then breaks it down for you note-by-note, technique-by-technique. All of the examples are tabbed, notated and also formatted as Power Tab and Guitar Pro files.
50 Jazz-Blues Licks You MUST Know shows you how to steal fire from the soulful heights of the classic hard bop era and bring it back down to earth to shed new light on the blues - and burn up the fretboard doing so!

Language: English
Year: 2012
Country: USA
Running time: 3 hours
Quality: DATA-DVD
Video: MP4 AVC 715kbps 864x486 29.97fps
Audio: AAC stereo 128kbps
Booklet: No
Size: 1.22 Gb

David Hamburger - 50 Jazz-Blues Licks You Must Know

David Hamburger - 50 Jazz-Blues Licks You Must Know

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