Roberta Radley – Harmonic Ear Training

Jun 05 2022

Roberta Radley – Harmonic Ear Training

Roberta Radley is the assistant chair of the Ear Training Department at Berklee College of Music. She has been using innovative methods to help her students her music more analytically for almost thirty years. SHe also performs regularly as a pianist and vocalist.
A vital introduction to ear training for songwriters and performers looking to improve their listening skills and become better musicians. Starting with the bass line, you’ll learn a step-by-step approach to help you break down the hearing process, internalize the music, and then identify the elements of the progression. Harmonic Ear Training will help you to:

  • Recognize chord progressions quickly and confidently
  • Incorporate chord progressions into your writing and performing
  • Learn to listen to music more analytically, and apply this knowledge to all your projects


Language: English
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Running time: 01:41:31
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 720×480 NTSC, 4:3, 29.970 fps
Audio: AC3, 192 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch
Booklet: No
Size: 3.8 Gb

Roberta Radley - Harmonic Ear Training

Roberta Radley – Harmonic Ear Training

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  1. antonio_diana /

    very interesting videos
    Thank you!!

  2. Rurinbass /

    Thank you so much:)

  3. Flitters /

    Thank you. I’m looking forward to doing this. I already play by ear so I’m sure that this course is going to enrich my abilities. Many thanks.

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