Pattern Piano and Keyboard Complete Bundle

Dec 16 2018

Pattern Piano and Keyboard Complete Bundle

Pattern Piano and Keyboard Complete Bundle download. With over 2 hours of audio and video, this course is equal to 6 months of powerful instruction! The video zooms in directly on the hands, and you’ll be able to see each hand movement and finger placement. Using the revolutionary technique of “Rhythmic Patterns”, this course starts with the very beginning foundations of music, assuming that you have never had any musical experience at all.
However, by the end of the course, you will have worked your way through advanced college level techniques. You’ll have many advanced patterns under your belt that can be mixed and matched any way that you like to create fantastic arrangements of any song by ear! The lessons are designed as interactive sessions with the computer with cinematics, tips, etc. Each lesson has a separate installation file.

Language: English
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Running time: 2 hours
Size: 3.1 Gb

Pattern Piano and Keyboard Complete Bundle

Pattern Piano and Keyboard Complete Bundle

Download Pattern Piano and Keyboard Complete Bundle free and other lessons from our site


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  1. Sally /

    Thank you kjean11.

  2. kjean11 /

    Hey Everyone for those of you who don’t know what pattern to follow as you go through this program I have listed them below

    1. pattern piano and keyboard
    2. ear training 101
    3. blues
    4. phat chords
    5. chord voicings vault
    6. finger power
    7. how to match chords up with any melody
    8. worship
    9. salsa
    10. intros fillers and endings
    11. slash chords
    12. tension and release

    i hope this makes it easier on you all..

  3. kjean11 /

    Thank You for all your effort this will help me so very much in my journey to be a greater piano

  4. Gardy /

    First you need to unpack files using WinRAR or similar software. There is folder with .exe (installation) files, you need to run those files in your PC.

  5. Vixen /

    Hey, this hasn’t worked for me. I’ve downloaded all the Parts and they just seem to click straight through on VLC Player and not play :(

  6. joelpaul /

    Thank you very much

  7. fatih achbakou /

    thank you, you realy best teacher,

  8. duberg /

    How do you resume downloads?

  9. jajko267 /

    Thanks a lot! Nice course

  10. perry2344 /

    Thank you for the reply.
    Regards ,

  11. Bjorn /

    Use WinRAR or similar software.

  12. perry2344 /

    Dear Admin,
    I have downloaded the above files but can’t seem to open them?Can you please advice me whether I need a program to open it?
    Thank you very much.

  13. vilmacostaeventos /

    Muito bom os cliches otimo

  14. mitchel /

    that is incredible.
    how do I download the free piano pattern

  15. ato prah /

    am hoping to learn to become a better pianist

  16. josami /

    esto es hermoso que lindo, muy útil

  17. mohamed /

    thank you Nice piano course

  18. appzaddict /

    Nice piano course ; ) Thank you

  19. pittpiere /

    very good!!!!!
    Muito bom os cliches…

  20. david /

    queria conseguir un libro de patrones de piano, gracias

  21. R O /

    Thanks for this! Really helps people that can’t afford!

  22. Patrick /

    Bonjour à tous
    J’espère trouver ici ce que j’attends.

  23. Casper_8 /

    you guys are the best out there.. thanks a bunch ! :yourock:

  24. James /

    sounds interesting hope it works for an old dummy like me

  25. Leandrodrummer /

    thanks admin, this is the real deal man, keep blessing our music lifes, through this site, Happy new Year.


  26. fantasyfusion /

    I love your site! Thank you very much for this!!

  27. roluttman /

    😆 gracias esta super este aporte sigan subiendo mas cosas de piano son geniales

  28. alemua /

    se ve muy bueno!!! muchas gracias =)

  29. nervica /

    this website changed my life 😀 ty so much

  30. Book /

    Thank you, Admin!

  31. golfnuno /

    Thank you so much

  32. mirimiri /

    i loove Blues for piano and Keyboard

  33. murilloves /

    Yesss, i loove Blues for piano and Keyboard 2. Because of it I learnt how to play a little bit of Blues, Jazz and Gospel style so, please bring it on to the website too. I hope u keep doing your best to make us happy.
    Nice guys (=

  34. fabricio /

    Great Post, man.Thank you very much.
    Ps, Any chance to also upload the seperate play along audio files mentioned on the website?

  35. murilloves /

    Is THIS that i’m talking about!
    THX SO MUCH, u’re the best..
    I’m waiting for so long for this and Blues for Piano and Keyboard from the same “playPianoToday”.
    Please keep doing my piano skills even happier and better!!!

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