Dave LaRue – Essential Bass Concepts

Jun 01 2022

Dave LaRue – Essential Bass Concepts

Dave LaRue Essential Bass Concepts download PDF DVD. Dave LaRue is one of today’s leading bassists, recording and touring with the Steve Morse Band and Dixie Dregs for nearly 20 years. His incredible technique and finesse of the bass make him the first-call for well-known artists, and he has also established himself as a regular columnist for Bass Player magazine, touring clinician, and adjunct professor at Florida’s Stetson University.
In this DVD, Dave gets viewers started with warm-ups, stretching, and arpeggio fingering exercises.
He lets loose with some of his hip funk lines using hammer-ons, slapped, popped, and ghost notes, and a complete lesson of modes. In addition, he demonstrates how to use rhythmic variations and polyphonic ideas to expand soloing techniques. Follow along at home with note-for-note transcription of each exercise, in both standard notation and TAB, using the printable PDF companion booklet included. Bonus features include a lesson from Victor Wooten and a performance by Jaco Pastorius and John Scofield.
Starts with some helpful warm ups and stretching. From basic pop slap octaves, he incorporates some really cool sounding ideas. Great way to get comfy with ghosts, mutes, arpeggios, soloing. Listening to it over and over allows you to learn by ear. It takes awhile to absorb all of it. Best to focus on a few minutes at a time, master that, and then move on. He combines groups of tips into examples at the end of each section. Not for beginners, tho! If you’ve been playing awhile and need to break out of a rut with some fresh, new riffs then this is for you. Abandon the pick, this video will help you develop your right hand. More bass players out there should stop and take the time to learn from videos like this. The music world would be a much richer place.

Language: English
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Dave LaRue - Essential Bass Concepts

Dave LaRue – Essential Bass Concepts

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