Woody Mann Art Of Acoustic Blues Guitar Handful Of Riffs

Woody Mann - Art Of Acoustic Blues Guitar: Handful Of Riffs

Apr 22, 2024

Woody Mann Art Of Acoustic Blues Guitar Handful Of Riffs download. Learn five repertoire building songs arranged for the intermediate fingerstyle guitarist. Inspired by Woody Manns favorite traditional blues tunes, these easy to follow arrangements teach a variety of acoustic blues styles and sounds. Each song spotlights a specific technique for developing fingerpicking skills, rhythmic grooves, and dynamics in your playing. Woody illustrates the syncopated fingerpicking of Blind Blake, the single-line style riffs of Lonnie Johnson, the melodic playing in open G tuning of Memphis Minnie, and the unique riffs in standard tuning of Rambling Thomas and Bo Carter. Woody shows how the riffs and techniques can be applied from one tune to another and illustrates practical ways to create variations within a tune. In this fresh approach to teaching, Woody Mann has taken the complex music of the early acoustic guitar innovators and has distilled the sounds into clearly written instrumentals that capture the essence and beauty of the music. Each song chapter includes introduction, performance, explanation, and slow performance with split screen.

Songs include:

  • Along The Alley
  • Minnies Spanish Blues
  • Feeling Bad Blues
  • New Old Devil
  • Rambling Blues

As a teacher, Woody Mann is one of the best. He has planned these lessons well so that with respect to each song he sequences an introduction, performance, breakdown and then a slow rendition. Together these phases leave no question as to what he is doing. Further and where appropriate, he discusses technique and what can be musically accomplished by different tunings. The songs are acoustic blues, often updated from the specific traditional with riffs of his own that add to the interest and uniqueness relative to the original. The entire set of lessons is a first rate production
This is a really great video if you're an early intermediate player of above. Mann uses some original instrumentals that borrow heavily from blues/roots masters and presents them is an easy to learn way. You get to play in different keys, open g tuning, an dgdgbe tunings.
The instrumentals stand on their own and can be applied to what you already know. The riffs serve as a great foundation to build on and Mann explains how they fit together.

Language: English
Year: 2004
Running time: 01:06:32
Quality: DVDRip
Video: XviD 608x448 29.97fps
Audio:  MP3 48000Hz stereo 64Kbps
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 921 Mb

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