Wolf Marshall – 101 Must-Know Blues Licks

Wolf Marshall - 101 Must-Know Blues Licks

Mar 8, 2023

Wolf Marshall 101 Must-Know Blues Licks PDF. Now you can add authentic blues feel and flavor to your playing! Here are 101 definitive licks - plus a demonstration CD - from every major blues guitar style, neatly organized into easy-to-use categories. They're all here, including Delta blues, jump blues, country blues, Memphis blues, Texas blues, West Coast blues, Chicago blues, and British blues. Master all the styles and get yourself an arsenal of licks that will help you dominate your local jam session!
Licks included are real life - easily recognizable lines that you can attribute to guitarist mentioned in text. Both standard notation and tablature are included. Licks are organized in collections of major blues styles: Pre-War Electric, Post-War Electric, Country and Early Chicago, Memphis, Texas, Modern Chicago and Texas, British, Postmodern.
Notation is VERY well annotated: leading tones, chords arpeggiated, question/answer, turnaround etc are all clearly marked. Smaller "licks within licks" are named. All that greatly enhances ease to learn and reusability of those lines.
Each lick is recorded twice on CD - normal and slowdown speed (usually slow enough to pick the notes easily by ear). Each section of licks is recorded using guitar tone (both axe and amp) reflecting typical guitar tone of the style and the guitar and amp used are described in detail in text.
This book really should be titled "Encyclopedia of Blues Licks." This book is filled with professional level blues runs and explains how to reproduce them. It explains the tuning to be used, what kind of equipment is needed, and optimal amplifier settings. The author describes the different types of blues - such as the Texas blues, or the King "brothers" blues. Wolf Marshall definitely can play the blues, as the CD demonstrates, but you could spend the rest of your life trying to master all 101 of these licks.
The CD is very helpful, especially since all licks are played at slow speed in addition to full speed. The licks cover a broad spectrum of techniques. Having everything expressed in tablature in addition to real music notation breaks another barrier to entry.
On the negative side, the techniques are not explained very well. There is one page at the end which very briefly summarizes them. What would have been more helpful is an instructional DVD. But don't let that prevent you from buying this book. Once you start playing these catchy licks, the hours will pass by quickly - and that's the sign of something of worth.

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Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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  1. Buy premium account and download PDF book along with mp3 audio tracks.

  2. Hi I lost the cd for 101 blues licks you should know
    i bought the book some years ago
    Regards Charles

  3. esse material é muito bom. Deveria ser mais fácil baixar!

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