William Bay Guitar Images PDF

William Bay - Guitar Images

Oct 12, 2021

William Bay Guitar Images PDF. 25 acoustic guitar solos. The solos in this collection present a myriad of moods on the guitar. They were written to be very expressive, contemplative pieces which could be performed in a variety of secular and sacred settings. Some of the pieces were scored for 7-string guitar; however, they can also be performed on 6-string guitar-indicated are the alternate 6-string pedal tones in the tablature part. Many of the solos use a "cross-picking" technique alternating higher position closed strings and open strings, resulting in a 'harp-like' effect. The included tablature parts allow for a clear presentation of this effect and clarify where on the fingerboard these passages should be played. A number of the pieces are in Dropped D tuning, highlighting the rich resonance that tuning gives the instrument. All of these solos may be performed by the classical or fingerstyle guitarist or, as originally performed, with a pick. Explore the diverse moods presented in this collection and make full use of the many avenues of expression offered in these pieces! A companion dual CD is available with all 25 solos included.

Songs include:

  • A Place of Rest
  • Alone
  • Assurance
  • Charlie's Lament
  • Clouds
  • Daydreams
  • Distant Homeland
  • Fields of Culloden
  • Gentle Voice
  • Hope
  • Horizon
  • Light Through Mist
  • Longing
  • Morning Aire
  • Morning Carol
  • My Irish Home
  • New Day
  • Peace
  • Prairie Sunrise
  • Regret
  • Reveroe
  • Sleeping Child
  • Sweet Memories
  • The Sea of Recollection
  • Vigil

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 81 pages

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  1. What do you mean? What files are missed? Original mp3 tracks are included to this distributive.

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