Walter Martino Minus One PDF

Walter Martino - Minus One

Nov 8, 2022

Walter Martino Minus One PDF. The pieces of music included in Minus - One are taken from Walter Martino's CD "Blue Street" (2002 Edizioni Bemolle). Walter played drums and composed and arranged all titles. Salvatore Scorrano collaborated to the score transcriptions. All titles have been remixed in order to provide useful accompaniment recordings for better practice. The style varies from Rock to Funk, from Jazz to Latin, on different levels of difficulty. The scores feature all rhythm "patterns", "fills" and "solos" performed by Walter, You will also find some helpful tips to perform all the pieces at best, "Ghost notes", rhythm variations and original rhythm figures have been widely used as they are essential to understand how most musicians play the drums nowadays.


  • Profondo Rosso
  • Funk Mix
  • Video Funk
  • Hot Rhythm
  • Blue Street
  • Latin Suite

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 32 pages.

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6 comments on “Walter Martino - Minus One”

  1. Simplemente mil gracias!

    Aquí en el idioma español la música se "toca", en inglés se "juega" (play). Gracias por la diversión de jugar la música.

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