Virgil Donati - Power Drumming

Virgil Donati - Power Drumming

Apr 14, 2023

Power Drumming is a two part-video. In part one, play along with Virgil as he guides you through a 40 minute workout designed to help you develop power, speed, endurance and agility around the drums. Comes with a special practice chart to accompany the video contents.
Virgil Donati is a very technical drummer, in theory and in practice. This video breaks down his practice and warm up exercizes into left-hand/right-hand left-foot/right-foot with increasing tempos and then applies the exercizes at the end of the video. You will be BLOWN AWAY with how effective these exercizes are, and also how Virgil executes them. Definately an essential.
This instructional video opens with a drum solo that is certain to catch your interest and inspire your motivation for the instruction that follows. You can expect to work with drills that develop power/strength, endurance, speed, hand/foot coordination (bass pedals), accuracy and timing (and in that order of priority perhaps). Throughout the video, the metronome click is clearly audible and can be advantageous for those wanting to work on speed and timing. Left and right hand leads are not neglected as many exercises are repeated to give them their due. There is also some crescendo/decrescendo exercises to boot, played in unison and L+R hands separately. There is also the assumption that you can/will play along at his pace (up to a point!). A Case in point is where he plays double time with the hands moving double to the feet. By the end of that work-out Virgil states, "your 'doubles' should be feeling nice and warm by now." And there are moments where he appears to be speeding over the drums with electromagnetic motion to show the achievements of his own power and speed. There is also some impressive stick juggling and twirling that is really off-the-hook!
The video lasts for 58 minutes total, with the exercises lasting the first 40 minutes and then he demos those same lessons into an "applied context," bringing them all together for improvisational playing, using different styles/timings; 13/16ths, 21/16ths, 4/4ths, slaves, etc. (His drum set seems to consist of 7 Cymbals (Paiste) and 6 or 8 drums and snare (Remo). In this final section he uses keyboard programming in the background. Of course, being that this is power drumming, don't expect to find any rudiments beyond double stroke rolls--not a flamadiddlediddle in sight (that is probably a different video).
However, there is a lesson being taught here that goes beyond great power drumming. Donati's very attitude toward his technical technique shows off his brutal sense of discipline and intense degree of focus/concentration. Without having any sticks in the hands at all, these are dynamic skills of the mind that he is surely teaching which the willing student must acquire to truly bring himself to his fullest performance, no matter his skill level or innate degree of talent. After seeing this video it becomes obvious that discipline and focus are the source of power... behind Power Drumming, and Virgil Donati has it to teach!

Language: English
Year: 1991
Country: Australia
Running time: 00:56:55
Quality: VHSrip
Video: DivX 5 768x576 25.00fps 1399Kbps
Audio: 224kbps MP3; 2 ch; 44,1 kHz
Booklet: No
Size: 696 Mb

Virgil Donati - Power Drumming
Virgil Donati - Power Drumming
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