Ulli Bogershausen Easy Fingerstyle Volume 1 PDF

Ulli Bogershausen - Easy Fingerstyle Volume 1

May 26, 2023

Ulli Bogershausen Easy Fingerstyle Volume 1 PDF. 16 melodic tunes for solo guitar. Many guitarists are looking for short, simple pieces for solo guitar. With this latest book, Ulli Bogershausen fulfils their wish. This collection consists of 16 compositions suitable for the medium level player, but which will also provide pleasure and relaxation for the more experienced guitarist. The titles are all simple and melodic, with song character, containing virtually no difficult barre chords and no 32 notes. They sound good and are relaxing and interesting to practise, but here and there will also offer the player new impulses.
Ulli Bogershausen. With his unmistakable style, the "wizard on the 6- and 12-string" has played an influential role in the German acoustic guitar scene for over 20 years. His 14 albums, 11 guitar books, videos and DVDs as well as numerous tours in Japan, Taiwan and the USA have also gained him an international reputation. Through his books and his countless workshops in Germany and abroad, among others for the Mediterranean Music School, he has in addition made a name for himself as an excellent teacher and author.

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Songs include:

  • Alone Again
  • Antwort Ohne Frage
  • Feeling Good
  • Finally
  • Fur Dich
  • Jumping
  • Leisure
  • Little Sparrow
  • Noch Sehr Verspielt
  • Percussiv Groove
  • Remember The Time
  • Schon Immer
  • Turnaround
  • Warum
  • What Makes Me Happy
  • Zwiegesprach

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 42 pages

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3 comments on “Ulli Bogershausen - Easy Fingerstyle Volume 1”

  1. I am so glad I found this book. All the melodies are incredibly beautiful and uplifting, and what is better: they are easy to play! As players sometimes we think it's better to have a million of notes and tricks in a song overlooking the fact that a song just with 2 notes well played can blow you away. This is a book to enjoy cover to cover. The tracks alone are a beautiful relax experience well worth it.

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