Total Guitar October 2002 PDF

Total Guitar October 2002

Oct 12, 2022

Total Guitar October 2002 PDF and Mp3 CD download. Complete issue, cover to cover. Total Guitar is an interactive guitar magazine. Every issue brings songs to learn, with CD audio to help you play along, reviews of all the latest guitar equipment, and interviews with all the biggest names in the guitar world! Total Guitar regularly contains tablature for Rock, Acoustic, Punk, Blues, Classic Rock and Metal, as well as detailed profiles of guitarists and their specific techniques and playing styles. Total Guitar is aimed at players who would like to learn how to play guitar, with dedicated beginner tutorials in acoustic and electric guitar, as well as helping those who can already play guitar to develop their playing style and learn new techniques and songs.
Total Guitar is mainly focused on tuition, but also has an expert gear reviews section that looks at the latest guitar equipment including guitars, amplifiers, pedals and accessories. Total Guitar also secures many exclusive interviews with guitarists from all kinds of genres and levels of playing, and has an in-depth features section.

Total Guitar October 2002 (#102) contents:

  • Papa Roach: Jerry and Tobin... the TWO guitar players in the band talk Slipknot, Drop D and gear
  • Nils Lofgren: Neil Young and Springsteen's guitarist
  • Yamaha AES820: Its a really, really good buy
  • Fleetwood Mac: The unforgettable Albatross for you to learn
  • Mark Knopfler: the Dire Straits guitar great speaks!
  • Mark Knopfler - Why Aye Man
  • Papa Roach - Last Resort/She Loves Me Not
  • New Found Glory - My Friend's Over You
  • Special! Death By Drop D! - Learn to play Queen, Reef, Alice In Chains, Rage Against The Machine and Incubus tracks!
  • Fleetwood MAC - Albatross
  • Slipknot - Spit It Out
  • Pantera - Walk
  • Colin Reid - The Addams Family
  • Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing
  • Essential Riffs
  • Novice - Barre chords
  • New Found Glory: The new Blink 182?
  • Robby Krieger: The Doors guitarist on his fave tunes
  • Mark Knopfler: the Dire Straits guitar great speaks!
  • Ibanez RG-570 GN
  • Takamine EG562C
  • Engl 50W amp
  • Yamaha AW16G
  • Korg D1200 AdrenaLinn
  • Tascam pocket studio 5
  • Yamaha AES820
  • Round-up:
  • Audio Sequencers under 100 pounds

Original CD mp3 Tracks included.
Text Format PDF, 85 pages

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  1. thanks so mutch.i hope you continue share this stuff in special old 90s magazines.

  2. thanx a lot...(;...but what player are you use for that *.cue file...???...because in my VLC player it not play exactly beginings and numbers in magazine pages are not the same as if it was in mp3 files...I think it was better in small mp3 files...because when I want play only track 22 I play track 22 nothing is there a reason for that one file...???...

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