Tony McManus Celtic Jigs and Reels PDF

Tony McManus - Celtic Jigs and Reels

Jan 24, 2021

Tony McManus Celtic Jigs and Reels PDF. Fingerstyle guitar workshop. Tony McManus is the top guitarist in the field of Celtic guitar music. Celtic Jigs and Reels: Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop is a nice package for the ambitious (Celtic) fingerstyle guitarists. In order to re-enact the presented material, you have to bring a lot of play experience, which is not intended for beginners. The publication is also a good example of how useful the DVD can be as a supplement to a book.
Without the explanation of some passages McManus would be difficult to enact as it should sound in the original. Mc Manus himself explains (in English) each song Step By Step, are quite a few insights into his individual game tricks and explains general to the songs and the tunings.


  • Dr. McPhail's Reel
  • The Sleeping Tune
  • The Rolling Waves
  • The Donal Og - The Lea Rig
  • The Maids of Mitchelstown
  • 3 Warm Up Exercises

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 29 pages

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5 comments on “Tony McManus - Celtic Jigs and Reels”

  1. :punk: very great thank. tony is one of the best celtic player in the world :rockin:

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