Tom Kolb Soloing Strategies for Guitar PDF

Tom Kolb - Soloing Strategies for Guitar

Jul 18, 2021

Tom Kolb Soloing Strategies for Guitar PDF. Expand your improvisational horizons with this incredible resource for all guitarists! Soloing Strategies for Guitar explores a variety of improvisational concepts and techniques, backed up with fingering patterns, exercises, and lick examples galore. In addition, each chapter includes several extended solos (in the styles of rock, blues, funk, jazz, and country) based entirely on the techniques brought forth in each lesson.
Furthermore, each chapter features Quick Theory Tutorials that you can refer to if you need to brush up on your music theory. You'll also find a section called Tone Tips that precedes each solo. Here you get suggestions for guitar, amp, and effects settings. To top it all off, there's a variety of play-along tracks on the accompanying audio CD that you can jam along with, complete with chord charts and soloing suggestions.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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12 comments on “Tom Kolb - Soloing Strategies for Guitar”

  1. great stuff!!! absolutely for guitarists searching for out of this world lessons.

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