Tierra Negra - Magic Gypsy Chords and Rhythms

Tierra Negra - Magic Gypsy Chords and Rhythms

Dec 9, 2021

The authenticity and soulfulness of blues, jazz, folk and especially gypsy music is what triggers duende in the hearts of minds of their audiences. As a student of guitar, you’ve likely already been exposed to blues, jazz and folk music, all of which have influenced all forms of popular music from rock to pop and everything in between.
Thanks to Raughi Ebert and Leo Henrichs, the guitar duo known as Tierra Negra, you are now just a click away from a timeless and creative resource for guitar players; Magic Gypsy Chords and Rhythms. While rooted in the history, music and culture of the gypsies of Andalusia, these “magical” chords, progressions and rhythms have also influenced a wide range of contemporary latin, rock, jazz, dance, singer-songwriter and pop music.
In a way, Magic Gypsy Chords and Rhythms is 25 years in the making. That’s how long Raughi and Leo have been studying the history, culture and music of the gypsies. They’ve traveled the world to meet and study with the gypsy masters, documenting their specific chord voicings, fingerpicking patterns, techniques and subtle nuances of the style.
For this curriculum, Raughi and Leo selected 140 of their favorite chord voicings and 35 of the most versatile picking and rhythmic patterns for you to learn, reference and call on whether you intend to play modern interpretations, compose original music or perform traditional gypsy Flamenco — either way, this resource is priceless.
The material is presented in an interactive format designed to get you up and running quickly without having to struggle through boring exercises or tedious theory; you will play your way through the course and you can do so on any electric or acoustic guitar you own.
The course is organized into 10 sections where each section features a particular gypsy “cadence,” aka chord progression, in a different key. Each of the 10 sections also feature four variations of chord voicings and rhythmic patterns for the featured progression.
Within each variation, Raughi and Leo will demonstrate a performance example and then provide a detailed breakdown of the techniques, chord voicings and fingerpicking patterns being used.
You’ll practice all of the progressions, patterns and variations with Raughi and Leo using the slow and at-tempo playalongs that they’ve also included in ALL of the sections for ALL of the variations. Everything is tabbed and notated, plus you’ll get all of the playalong click tracks to practice with on your own.

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Tierra Negra - Magic Gypsy Chords and Rhythms

Tierra Negra - Magic Gypsy Chords and Rhythms

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  1. That´s a good variation of gypsy love songs. Thank you Faststrings! I love you guys!

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