The Woodshed Lessons Simple 12-Bar Rhythm

The Woodshed Lessons - Simple 12-Bar Rhythm

Dec 14, 2018

The Woodshed Lessons Simple 12-Bar Rhythm download. How many simple blues rhythms do you know? Even a simple blues shuffle can be played many different ways. Simple 12-Bar Rhythm can make your blues rhythm playing a lot more interesting.
If you want to be appreciated at blues jams, you need to become a good rhythm player. Soloing is not enough. Without good rhythm players, it’s not really music.
Lesson 1: What Is 12-Bar Blues. An overview of what 12-bar blues is.
Lesson 2: Progressions. How to construct different 12-Bar progressions.
Lesson 3: Positions. How to find the I, IV and V starting points in any key.
Lesson 4: Single Note Shuffles. Learn some very simple shuffle rhythms based on playing one note at a time. These rhythms introduce you to the primary melody heard in blues shuffle rhythms, but allow you to start learning them without the fatigue associated with playing the normal two-note patterns.
Lesson 5: Shuffles. Learn the most common blues rhythms associated with swing-beat blues: shuffles. These rhythms are simple, but require lots of endurance and hand strength to play well.
Lesson 6: Rock & Roll Rhythms. Learn how to play many of the same rhythms from the last lesson, but over a rock-n-roll beat, where there's no swing in the beat. Think of the beat from Johnny B. Goode. Although the beat is faster than most swing blues songs, you can play many of the same rhythms, just adapting your picking to the change in beat.
Lesson 7: Rhythm Licks. We're back to swing-beat blues in this lesson, and I'll teach you a bunch of single note rhythm licks. These are licks that sound a bit like soloing, but can actually form the rhythm base for a song.
Lesson 8: Endings. The ending of a 12-bar progression is one of the most crucial parts. In this lesson I'll teach you about two different parts of the ending that require an extra touch.
Lesson 9: Building Blues Rhythms. In this lesson we put it all together. I'll show you the steps to building a full 12-bar blues rhythm.
Lesson 10: Playing Good Rhythm. This is a crucial lesson for any player who wants to be truly good at playing blues rhythm guitar. I'll teach you about the finer points of rhythm playing, things that some players never discover.

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The Woodshed Lessons - Simple 12-Bar Rhythm

The Woodshed Lessons - Simple 12-Bar Rhythm

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