The Woodshed Lessons 5 Boxes Essential Licks

The Woodshed Lessons - 5 Boxes Essential Licks

Nov 28, 2018

The Woodshed Lessons 5 Boxes Essential Licks download. This is a huge collection of blues and bluesy licks matched with my 5 Essential Blues Boxes. The licks are heavily influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan’s playing. Taught in note-by-note format at a speed you can follow.
This series is a must-have for people wanting to add more licks to their arsenal. You’ll learn licks from a wide variety of song styles, expanding your vocabulary, and adding depth to your playing.
Lesson 1: Box 1: Building Blocks. Many of SRV's fastest licks can be deconstructed into tiny repeating building blocks. In this lesson I'll teach you what those building blocks are and how they combine to form longer licks.
Lesson 2: Box 1: Essential Licks. Over 30 licks from Box 1, influenced by several SRV song styles. There's a lot of licks that mix major and minor, some ballad style licks, some straight ahead blues licks and some turnarounds.
Lesson 3: Box 2: Essential Licks. In this lesson you'll learn 19 Licks that cover the majority of what Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan did in Box 2. I teach you the licks and I teach you where they mapped to the cord progression
Lesson 4: Box 3: Essential Licks. In this lesson you will learn over 30 different licks, most of them involve mixing major and minor. There is a mix of ballad style licks and a lot of BB King influence in this lesson. For most players, this will be one of the more important lessons.
Lesson 5: Box 4: Essential Licks. I don't use Box 4 very much at all but in this lesson I show you a few things that you can do and I also cover how you can play Box 2 licks in Box 4 to get a slightly different tone.
Lesson 6: Box 5: Essential Licks. In this lesson you'll learn 29 licks in Box 5. This is another lesson where there is a large focus on mixing major and minor and I focus on licks from songs like Life Without You and While We Cry.
Lesson 7: Essential Crossover Licks. In this lesson you'll learn licks that allow you to transition from one box to another. Some of the licks take you between two boxes and others cross through three boxes.
To help you understand how to apply the licks taught in this course, I combined a bunch of them in to this 60 bar slow blues solo. Every lick in this solo was taught in this course, and the accompanying tablature shows you which lesson each lick comes from.

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The Woodshed Lessons - 5 Boxes Essential Licks

The Woodshed Lessons - 5 Boxes Essential Licks

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