Texas Blues Alley - Essential Techniques: Muting

Texas Blues Alley - Essential Techniques: Muting

Apr 2, 2024

Texas Blues Alley Essential Techniques Muting. Learn the physics behind great muting techniques with exercises to help you develop control over ringing strings. Errant string noise makes you sound sloppy. But when you’re using The Grip, muting becomes an art form. The Grip was all about letting strings ring clearly. Muting is all about keeping them silent. Muting is a crucial skill that separates great and mediocre players. It must become second nature, or you’ll fight ringing strings for the rest of your playing days.
Muting is a 1-hour lesson that teaches you the techniques that allowed players like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix to play powerfully yet cleanly.
Part 1: Introduction. In this section I'll explain how Muting relates the The Grip.
Part 2: Mechanics. In this section, we first look at exactly how each finger on your fretting hand can be used for muting while using The Grip. They we'll look at how to mute strings with your picking hand. And lastly we'll look at how can use both hands together to make sure only the desired strings are ringing out.
Part 3: Troubleshooting. In this section I give you a step-by-step process for eliminating ringing strings while you play.
Part 4: Exercises. In this final section i give you several exercises to help you target individual strings while muting everything else.
The Essential Techniques courses are a deep dive into the "thumb-over" technique used by nearly every famous blues and blues rock guitarist.
This style of handling the guitar is as old as the blues itself. It is not "correct" or "proper" guitar technique - at least not by academic standards - but it is nearly ubiquitous in blues and blues rock.
Essential Techniques is the best collection of courses on this subject that you'll find anywhere. These are not easy, fun courses. They are physically demanding, and require incredible attention to detail. But if you're serious about sounding like SRV, Hendrix, or any other number of famous blues or rock guitarists, an investment in your technique pays huge dividends.

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